• Create a Home for Jewish and Israeli recipes, photographs, videos and stories that will serve as a historical record and educational resource.

  • Establish a network of Chefs and Culinary professionals to engage as “Ambassadors” with their communities and promote the goals of the Culinary Heritage Project.

  • Build research partnerships to collect culinary knowledge locked up in the National Archive and other cultural institutions to make this information easily accessible through our platform.

  • Partner with Israel’s cultural institutions and cooperate on projects that enhance the core shared goals through gastronomy.

  • Develop programs and protocols for engaging diplomats, journalists and other opinion-shapers (in Israel and throughout the world) with Israel’s history and narrative through its cuisine.

  • Leveraging these resources, programs, and protocols to familiarise tourists and the general public with Israel and Israeli cuisine.

  • To give Israeli Chefs and Foodies an intuitive tool to enhance their education, application and culinary experience.

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