The Culinary Heritage Project presents a cultural evening that offers unique glimpses into one of the many facets of Israels culinary landscape. Each Event will feature a specific theme or cultural study with guest cooks and experts that will offer an interactive experience centred around food.

In our current reality of restrictions and closures people are seeking out experiences that enrich their lives. This pilot is designed to utilise technology and creativity to allow these experiences to be enjoyed by a wider remote audience.

  • Create Immersive culinary events that celebrates our guest culture through food.

  • Implement and test initiatives that will encourage guests to submit stories and recipes.

  • Utilise the unique content generated from these events to create documentaries and clips for use on our multiple social media and broadcast platforms.

  • Use these events to create our own formula for easy replication across the country.

  • Create a program that offers multiple income streams for people in the struggling food industry.

  • Create the processes for curating the knowledge gathered through these events.